Tours of Mongolian Wildlife

Pallas's cat Watching

Professional trackers will search for the elusive Pallas's cat so that get that perfect shot! This area appears to have a very high density of this highly sought after cat. ...All whilst staying at the Mongolian traditional ger camp!

Snow Leopard Watching

Trackers will search for the rare snow leopard so that you can, fingers crossed, get that perfect shot! Whilst they do, you'll be led by photographer to the best photo-spots in the area so that you can capture the magical scenery forever You will be in ger camp during the field trip.

Bird Watching

Three major flyways for migratory birds pass through Mongolia and spring/autumn migrations of birds of Arctic tundra and Siberia. Mongolia is an important stop-over site for migrating birds. On their way, the migrants of songbirds, shorebirds, waterfowls, and raptors gather around Mongolian steppes, lakes, mountains, and woodlands. A total of 503 bird species have been recorded.

Argali Sheep Watching

Argali sheep is one of large mountain ungulate. Argali live over a vast geographic range, but are separated into more-or-less disjunct populations, some of which are morphologically identifiable.

Other Tour

As well as the famous snow leopard, Pallas’s cat, argali sheep, Mongolia has an abundance of other wildlife on other. From small-sized rodents to re-introduced wild horses, any animal lover will be in their element in the area of Mongolia.

Black-billed Cappercaillie

Capercaillies are forest dwellers of considerable size. At the beginning of the breeding season, several males gather at display grounds, calling loudly while fanning out their tail feathers. These displays are used to attract the females visiting the leks. The beauty of the bird displaying attract bird watcher and specialists.

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