Pallas's cat tour in Eastern Mongolia

Posted:10th of February, 2020
Date: from 17th of November to 1st of December of 2019 The Participant: Joshua HOLKO

Hero snow leopard mother with four cubs pictured in Mongolia

Posted:12th of November, 2019
The Siberian Times

Pallas's cat, snow leopard and wild horse watching report 2019

Posted:18th of September, 2019
Date: the 22th of August to the 5th of September, 2019 Participants: Val BERRY, Lawrence PeNHIERO, Kathryn SOWERBUTTS, Jacky DOWNEY, Kim RATCLIFFE, Sandy COX, John VANDERDOL, Sasha POVARINTSEV

Pallas's cat and Snow leopard watching report 2019

Posted:4th of April, 2019
Date: 8th to 25th of February, 2019 Participants: Sylvain CORDIER, Christian DRONNEAU and Alain VERSTRAETE

Pallas's cat watching report 2018

Posted:15th of November, 2018
Date: 13th of November, 2018 Participants: Karl's Chimera, Billy Rik, Sam, Iwan and PJ

Pallas's cat watching report 2018

Posted: 13th of November, 2018
Date: 2nd of October to 8th of June, 2018 Participants: Marc & Peggy

Bird watching tour report 2018

Posted: 28th of September, 2018
Date: 26th of May to 8th of June, 2018 Participants: Gyula Nagy, Tibor

Juhász, András Mazula, Attila Szilágyi, János Tar, Tamás Zalai

Report of Snow leopard watching tour

Posted: 25th of April, 2018
Date: 27th of January to 6th of February, 2018 Participants: Lucas and Patricia Summermatter

Bird Watching list in Gobi Region

Posted: 25th April, 2018
Date: 16th to 26th of June, 2017
Participants: Yann Musika

Birding report in Gungaluut

Posted: 25th of April, 2018
Date: 31th of July, 2015
Participants: Robert Tovey